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This game has many different monsters to shoot and kill. Some are more dangerous than others. This section will inform you of the important things to remember about the monsters. For a complete list of monsters see: List of Monsters

  • The monster use different model code than the players so they are affected differently than fighting against players. This is why piercing does nothing to them.
  • The monsters are affect by RPG stats. They are always the level of the lowest level player alive. For example: If PlayerOne is level 125 and PlayerTwo is level 65, the monsters are level 65 as long as PlayerTwo is alive. If he dies then the monsters assume the level of PlayerOne, becoming level 125. If PlayerOne then revived PlayerTwo then the monsters would resume being level 65.
  • Some monsters are shiny. This means they are metal and they can reflect most shot from beam or plasma weaponry, specifically the Shock Rifle and Link Gun. You can still hurt them with shock combos or the Link Gun alt-fire.
  • You get one (1) point for killing a monster.
  • If you shoot a Titan with the Sniper or LG you will stun them and they will be prevented from throwing a rock at you.
  • Monsters tend to attack people who are doing lots of damage to them. If you are wondering why Warlords are always shooting at you, it's likely because they want you dead sooner than a player who isn't harming them.
  • Piercing does not shoot through the shields of a queen.

Monster Types


These monsters will deliver a instantaneous kill to the Player. Notable examples are: Darth Vader and Sawyer.

Critical Damage

These monsters will do extreme amounts of damage to a player to the point of near or instant death. Notable examples are: Lucifer Blue V and Effigy.


These monsters do not shoot weapons to hurt you. They must be close to the player to attack them with a melee object such as fists, staffs...etc. Some monsters can perform Melee and Ranged attacks. Notable examples are: Krall and Manta.


These monsters will shoot projectiles and weapons at you from a distance. Some monsters have hitscan weapons like Assault Rifles, others fire Projectiles like Rocket Launchers. Notable examples are: German Soldier and Fury Titan.


These monsters fly around and rain down projectiles onto the players. Notable examples are: Gasbag and UFO II.