Gaming Madness Wiki
List of Artifacts
Artifact Name Friendly Name Type Rarity Active
Artifacts Chest art chest Epic YES
Artifacts Key red key Epic YES
Powerups Chest pu chest Epic YES
Powerups Key orange key Epic YES
Special Weapons Crate crate Epic YES
Crowbar crow, crowbar Epic YES
Weapon Upgrade Kit (Blue) blue, kit, wrk Common YES
Weapon Upgrade Kit (Purple) purple Common YES
Weapon Upgrade Kit (Gold) gold, gkit Common YES
Ghost ghost NO
Globe of Invulnerability globe Monstrous YES
Lightning Rod lr NO
Enhanced Lightning Rod elr NO
Teleporter Ludicrous YES
Triple Damage td Monstrous YES
Boots of Flight boots Ludicrous YES
Bite Size Ludicrous YES
Revive Artifact rev NO
Turret Launcher Holy Shit YES
Super Adrenaline Pill NO
Vehicle Drop NO
Matrix Spell NO
Medic Tent NO
Nuke Bomb nuke Godlike YES
Fire Rune Monstrous YES
Super Shield Uncommon YES
Double Damage Uncommon YES
Health Keg Uncommon YES
RPG Magic Weapon Maker rpg Common YES
Electro-Magnet Ludicrous YES
Enhanced Triple Damage Monstrous YES
Grenade Crate Holy Shit YES
Enhanced Grenade Crate Holy Shit YES
Chain Gun Turret NO
Bunker Rare YES
Defense Wall Rare YES
Glass Shield Rare YES
Jump Boots Ludicrous YES
Team Shield Rare YES
Ice Rune Monstrous YES
Letter 'W' Very Rare YES
Letter 'A' Very Rare YES
Letter 'N' Very Rare YES
Letter 'D' Very Rare YES
Artillery Uncommon YES
Supply Drop Uncommon YES
Brimstone Abundant YES
Tar Trap Abundant YES
Spike Trap Abundant YES
Freeze Trap Abundant YES