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Welcome to Gaming Madness. We are home to some of the most popular PC games today. We believe in providing our community with the best gaming experience possible. Between all of our servers we have over a dozen admins online to keep our servers safe and enjoyable for everyone. We run our servers with the most minimal rules possible to keep your gaming experience here a great one. Our rules are designed to eliminate drama, not to contribute to it.

Our servers are community oriented, not clan based, so everyone is welcome. If you like our servers then we invite you to just simply play here. If you want to interact with the community, or our admins on a larger scale, then feel free to use our forums or our Discord. Lastly, if you appreciate what we do and you want to help contribute, please consider becoming a Patreon member or sending a donation via PayPal.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and thanks for being part of our community.

-The Gaming Madness Staff

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