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Weapons of Power is a mutator that was originally created by Kearin. Kearin released his mutator to the community with version 1.5.1. You can download a copy from The Invasion Vault. Enhanced Weapons of Power is an enhancement of the original mutator that includes dozens more powerups. Weapons of Power is a mutator that allows you to apply a Powerup to a Weapon of Power. Each time you pickup or receive a weapon it has a chance of being a Weapon of Power. Additionally, a non-cursed weapon can be turned into a Weapon of Power by applying a Gold Wrench Artifact to the weapon. A Weapon of Power has a finite number of slots in which Powerups can be applied. The most amount of Powerups that can be applied to a Weapon of Power is 30. Powerups drop from Monsters when they are killed.


There are several key-binds that can be set to better take advantage of Weapons of Power in game.

Binding instructions:

To bind these you need to open up the console by pressing ~ (the key under Escape) and use the following format:

set input <key> <binding>

Here, key is the key you want to bind to and binding is what you want the key to do. For example:

set input x ToggleWeaponInfo

will allow me to display WoP weapon information when I press x.

Weapons of Power Key-Binds

NextPrimaryFireMode: Certain Weapons of Power have fire mode modifier power ups that add additional firing modes. For example, the rocket launcher has the seeker fire mode, Cluster Fire Mode, Spread Fire Mode, Flare Fire Mode. The bio and link have the spread fire and web mode. The link also has the Darmar Fire Mode. To switch between the normal fire mode and the power up fire mode, you need to bind a key to NextPrimaryFireMode. The shock rifle has the Inferno Fire Mode, the Shock Spread fire mode, and the Turbo Lazer fire mode.

NextAlternateFireMode: This is similar to NextPrimaryFireMode, only this toggles the firing mode of your alternate fire.

ToggleWeaponInfo: This key bind will cause a popup to appear where the vote menu does. This popup will list all of the power ups applied to the current weapon as well as their current level.This is what it looks like:


UnloadWeapon: This key bind is a shortcut for clearing your weapon. The end result is that your current weapon will have all of its power ups removed and placed back into your inventory.

ShowItemDescriptions: This key bind will cause a description to pop up and tell you about the current powerup you have selected. This is what it looks like:


RPG Key-Binds

ActivateItem: This activates your current inventory item. IE: your artifacts and power ups.

NextItem: This moves to the next item in your inventory.

PrevItem: This moves to the previous item in your inventory.

tossartifact: This tosses your current artifact\powerup on the ground.

Other Bindings

teamsay %w: %w is a substitution that will display your current weapon when using teamsay.

teamsay %i: %i will say the current powerup that you are looking at in your inventory.

teamsay %R: This will tell a person how many of an item you have in your inventory. so for example teamsay Does Anyone Need A %i? I have %R Of Them. And that will say Does Anyone Need A infinity Powerup? I have 5 of them.